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Hello, and other first-post goodness.

Hi!  Eren here.  I suppose I should start with introducing myself. I’m a married, transgender, bi (but distinctly lesbian leaning) 30-something caffeine addict.  I’d like to say I’m [..]

Author’s Update

Hi! Eren here. So, one of the things I wanted to do with the site this time around was post a little bit more… not about myself, necessarily, [..]

Another Update

Today has been cold and dreary. :/  This was worsened by my lack of sweaters, and improved by copious consumption of hot tea. I did get a lot [..]

3rd Update… I need a better way to title these.

Hi there, Eren here. Ever have one of those days where you want to dress up all fancy and formal just for the heck of it?  I had [..]

R.Oct 17.2013

Hi!  Eren here. Today was not very productive. :/  I didn’t write anything new, but I did do a few sketches, try to relax a little, and pre-posted [..]

Sun.Oct 21.2013

Hi!  Eren here. So, it hasn’t been a productive weekend. :/  But I did get Monday’s post pre-posted.  I’ve got a few weeks worth of Midnight Moonlight already [..]

T.Oct 22.2013

Hi there, Eren here! So, I wrote…a little. :/  About a page and a half, today.  I have been exhausted, and trying not to do all of my [..]

F.Oct 25.2013

Hi.  Eren here. So, where to start? …I am exhausted. >.> That’s been the theme for the past few weeks, and it’s led me to the conclusion that [..]

Sat.Nov 2.2013

Hi!  Eren here.  So, I disappeared for a week back there, and I’m sorry.  I was extra busy for the past few weeks, and I overcompensated by staying [..]

Sun.Dec 01.2013

Hi.  Eren here. So, I disappeared for about a month.  A month that I wanted to spend getting New Year’s Night finished.  Unfortunately, my Nanowrimo goal failed.  I [..]

F.Jan 03.2014

Hi.  Eren here.  Feeling a bit frazzled.  Crazy headache today, been feeling a little nauseous off and on.  But I determined to at least do something for the site, [..]

Sun.Jan 12.2014

Hi!  Eren here.  Still tired: blah, blah, blah.   If you’ve read any of these posts or chatted with me lately, you know that’s par for the course [..]

W.Jan 22.2014

Hi!  Eren here.  So, I did a little bit of updating today.  Basically, just adding some illustrations that had been drawn and scanned but not uploaded yet.  Anywho, [..]

Sat.Jan 25.2014 – adjusting update schedules

Good morning.  Eren here. I didn’t sleep terribly well last night, but don’t let the picture fool you – I’m actually feeling pretty awake.  I sketched that when [..]

Wed.Apr 09.2014 – back-ish almost.

Soooooo…  Yeah.  Alright.  I was getting wayyy to busy with my day job.  On the other hand, my new medication is definately working!  I also got wrapped up [..]

Sun.Apr 20.2014 – New chapter going up next week.

Woo-hoo!  So, I finished typing book 1 this weekend.  I’ve sent it on to the people who are helping me proofread it.  Once I get it back from [..]

Sub Drop

A little while ago I wrote about coming out to my parents. It went really well, but I still felt lost afterwards. That feeling lasted for weeks, and [..]

Hi!  Eren here.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought I should do something about that. 😉 Life has been pretty good lately.  My most [..]

A little too much worrying…

…and it’ll give you weird dreams. Last night’s was a two parter, which makes sense since I woke up once, but doesn’t make so much sence because both [..]

It’s the weekend…

…and goodness gracious am I ready for it! Of course, I’m still putting in some time at work, but I’ll have the afternoons free, and I’m really looking [..]

Just another post…

…or not.  😉 Actually, this is a surprise love letter to my wife, whom I know sometimes reads this journal. Dearest, I love you.  You make me more [..]

I’m seriously nervous…

…but I don’t think I’d describe myself as anxious.  That’s a distinction I feel like I should examine closer at some point. Anyway, today I’m supposed to have [..]

Coming out…

…is going to be an ongoing process.  Yesterday I came out as trans to my manager.  I’m officially no longer pretending to be cis in the office, though [..]

Today’s Awkward Transgender Moment

The scene: Early morning.  My Cubicle.  My office has two managers, and the manager that I haven’t worked under is in the cubicle next to mine.  I’ve helped [..]

I am so tired…

…and looking forward to the weekend like I haven’t in ages.  I won’t be working overtime for a while which, on the one hand, hurts because: money.  On [..]


Sometimes emotions suck.  Like, a lot.  And not just mine — other people’s emotions can suck, too.  And not just for them, but for the people around them, [..]

I am not an activist…

…except when I am. Kind of a pointless statement, don’t you think?  The thing is, it’s really not.  There are a disturbing number of people out there who [..]

It’s been a day and a half…

…and it’s not even noon yet. :/  It seems like this has been an insanely busy day, even though not a lot of time has passed.  First off, [..]

Finances suck…

…but that’s life?  I hate, hate, hate having to worry about finances.  I’m not really good at it.  :/  It doesn’t fit y mentality.  I’m also 2/3rds of [..]

My typical writing setup

So, this is my typical writing setup.  Usually.  Sometimes I use a lap desk, but I often type in bed in the evenings and on the weekends.  Editor [..]


Depression sucks.  I cannot say that strongly enough.  It does nothing good, and it screws things up for everyone. That said, I’m depressed.  I’ve been depressed for a [..]

The story so far…

…if only.  This isn’t fiction, it’s what’s been going on with me lately. :/  Anyway, here goes: The story so far: A couple weeks ago I went in [..]


I have a new medication for dealing with the tumor.  Its supposed to work by suppressing the hotrmone that causes the tumor to grow.  I’ll be going in [..]

Jae’s grandma passed away yesterday. I don’t even know what else to say.

We’re home again…

…after another trip to Indiana, to see Jae’s grandma before the cremation and see what we could do for Jae’s dad. The weekend was stressful: Jae’s family are [..]


I hurt.  Somehow I messed up my back (as if I don’t have enough problems!) on Sunday.  I’ve spent the past two days bed-bound.  I feel reasonably okay [..]

Medication woes

The medication I’m taking for my tumor makes me tired, pretty much all the time.  I started taking g caffeine again to offset that at work, but it’s [..]

When will this stop?!

The hits just keep on coming.  Fortunately, for a given value of luck, I wasn’t hit so hard this time.  Sort of.  My insurance hit me with a [..]

Another rough day.

This morning, Jae’s maternal grandmother died.  She has lost all of her grandparents now, and both of her grandmothers this year. This has not been a good year. [..]

Today’s awkward Transgender moment…

…well, okay.  Actually, this one is yesterday’s. And there’s more than one.  >.> Yesterday was the funeral for Jae’s maternal grandmother.  Between the viewings, services, and gathering afterward [..]

I am not a nice person when I’m tired…

…or, at least, I have much more trouble putting g on a polite front.  But you know what?  Fuck it.  Mr. Step-Father-In-Law (The jackass mentioned in the previous [..]

today has been… okay?

I mean, nothing bad has happened.  But around noon I started feeling… down?  Numb, which I’ve come to understand is me suppressing something.  I don’t know what it [..]

I am in shock…

I don’t know how else to describe it.  Misogony, racism, rape culture, anti-intellectualism, hate, fear, and selfishness carried the American election last night.  I am terrified of what [..]

Vague grumbles…

…are all I want to post.  But vaguebooking sucks, and I need to vent too much to just not say anything. One of my roomates threw an ego fit [..]

I feel better…

…than I have in what seems like months. Last week I finally managed to decafinate.  And by ‘finally manage’ I mean that when the ice storms hit and [..]

I’m a switch…

…and I’ve been feeling pretty masochistic/subby lately.  It’s a depression thing.  On the one hand, I’m incredibly angry and rather agressive regarding the bullshit polotics going on in [..]

I do not feel well…

…and I don’t just mean physically.  Like: I’m not sick (or at least, not sicker: I still have a tumor, it’s still screwing with my hormones; I still [..]


I’m really depressed this morning.  I’ve been doing better, but today I had a panic attack trying to make myself get ready for work, and then a few [..]

Recovering from a cold.

Today is the first day in I don’t even remember how long (Two weeks, a little longer, I think?  When was that panic attack — I was bedbound [..]


I was asked how readers could help me keep MNML going, and the answer sort of snowballed into something that would be more appropriate as a journal post [..]

Holy crap! (Not bad stuff this time.)

I know I’ve had crappy, depressed posts in here for a while.  Well, last night one of my friends took me out.  To a burlesque show.  And it [..]

Update from Eren

So, it’s no secret that I’m a bit of a mess.  It gets worse. On the plus side, I’m scheduled to attend sessions with a group that focuses [..]

It’s Halloween!

…My favoritest holiday of the year. <3 Also, since this post is a long one: TL;DR: Things aren’t okay or even good, but they’ve gotten a little better [..]


Just woke up from a nightmare.  About being helpless.  My therapist warned me that I might start having more reactions like that as I started talking about things, [..]

On consistency…

…basically, I’m trying to build some.  Part of that is this post: trying to be more consistent in communicating with people.  Part of it is in other things. [..]


…are supposed to be short, like this one: Necroincarnation: The worst day in Elaine’s life culminated in her death.  When it happened it was at the end of [..]

…Clockwork (Excerpt)…

Hello. Eren here. This is a small excerpt — a snippet of a story I’d jotted down on the off chance I ever made it into a larger [..]

Necroincarnation (Extended Blurb)

Hi! Per request, this is the extended, original version of the blurb I used as an example of a proper ‘short’ the other day. Let me know what [..]

System Break (Blurb)

So, I read a lot of RPG lit — I find it an entertaining combination of my love of games, my love of reading, and my lack of [..]

Zeta (Blurb)

I also find I read a lot of superhero fiction. I like it as a subset of urban fantasy, I think — and because with all the negative [..]

Tales of Westampart (Extended Blurb)

ToW is a story that I actually wrote for a while.  The structural gimmick I was experimenting with was an exploration of interconnected narratives — each ‘arc’ was [..]

I haven’t been here in a while…

…but something motivated me to come back today.  New MNML snippets have been running around in my head a lot, lately. I still haven’t written more than 2/3 [..]