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Mon.Jan 20.2014

Hiya.  Eren again.  I never really know what to say, but I have been a little more energetic as of the past few days, so I wanted to [..]

Sat.Jan 25.2014 – adjusting update schedules

Good morning.  Eren here. I didn’t sleep terribly well last night, but don’t let the picture fool you – I’m actually feeling pretty awake.  I sketched that when [..]

Fri.May 09.2014 – get it together, me.

Hi.  Eren here. I posted a chapter of Midnight Moonlight to cover the one I missed last week, and I’ve scheduled next week’s chapter. The rest of this [..]

W.July 09.2014

Hi!  Eren here. So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an author’s note.  Story updates have been rolling along quite well, thanks to the script I wrote [..]

Moving things around

Hi!  Eren here. I’ve recently been in escapist mode, and that led me to spending a lot of time reading other people’s stories.  While I was at it, [..]

One Month of HRT

Hi.  Eren again. So… I’ve debated off an on how much I want to talk about some of the more personal things I’m currently going through.  Now that [..]

Coming out.

Hi.  Eren here. So, last weekend I came out to my parents.  (Not this weekend that just passed, but the one before that. The 16th and 17th.)  This [..]

Grumbly Eren Grumbles

Hello, everyone. Well, last weekend we went to visit my in-laws, which was actually pretty cool in some ways; kinda annoying in others.  The really spiffy thing is [..]

Dissonance Sucks.

Hi!  Eren here.  So, yeah, I haven’t journaled in ages.  I don’t even really have anything to say…  I just want to share something, but I don’t feel [..]

Feeling Upbeat

Helllooo, anyone who might be reading this. I’m feeling pretty upbeat today.  That might seem odd, given that I’m usually, well, tired, but there you go.  I’ve been jonesing [..]


I feel kind of subdued today. That’s not a bad feeling.  It’s certainly better than feeling down or depressed!  But it’s also not very conducive to getting things [..]

Something to say…

I went to a rally last week.  In part it was a protest of Trump, but more importantly it was a protest of the things he positioned himself [..]