Zeta (Blurb)

I also find I read a lot of superhero fiction. I like it as a subset of urban fantasy, I think — and because with all the negative news and events in the world, I sometimes need to have confidence that the good guys are going to win this next one. This is the super hero fiction idea I’ve had percolating away for the past few years. It seems like a popular genre online, so please let me know what you think of the premise. Thanks!


Amanda wasn’t one of the super popular kids — but she was the leader of her small circle of friends. Fierce and independent, Amanda had only one fear — and a plan to confront and deal with it. At the end of her senior year, she was going to confess her crush on her best friend to her best friend, and damn the consequences.

Unfortunately, no plan survives contact with reality. The sudden, shocking appearance of supernormal powers — unnatural abilities that suddenly and randomly manifest in people — takes the entire world by surprise. Worse still: the population density in cities means that more powers manafest in them than anywhere else. So when villians, heroes, and ordinary people with etraordinary — and sometimes uncontrollable — abilities turn Amanda’s home city into a ticking clusterbomb of utterly random violence and destruction, her — and other — parents borrow a leaf from the history of WW2 London.

Sent to live in the relatively safer countryside with one of her Aunts, Amanda finds that she will be separated from everyone and everything she knew for that last year of highschool. Thus, instead of executing her plan to come out of the closet and risk everything she is forced to retreat into herself for preservation.

Will she be able to cope while surrounded by people she does not know? People in a small town, where everyone knows everything about everyone else, gossip is endemic, church attendance is paramount, and after-school pickup games of full contact football are colloquially — and affectionately — referred to as ‘smear the queer’?

To make it through the next year Amanda is going to have to rely on herself — but stunningly she discovers that won’t mean going it alone. Because Amanda’s Earth isn’t the only one to have received an influx of super powers, and Amanda Prime — a world-class telepath from an alternate dimension — has been psychically reaching across the parallel realities, seeking the source and the reason for the powers descending on humanity, and whenever possible using her alternate selves to assist.

Being given contact with alternate versions of herself gives our Amanda — Amanda Zeta — a whole new perspective on what it means to have serious problems to solve and critical decisions to make. A perspective that brings with it questions she is ill prepared to handle: Should she use knowledge from alternate realities to identify villains in her own before their powers manifest? Is there anyone — police or government or superhero — that she can trust with that kind of information? Or with the origin of it? And last, but certainly not least: What exactly does it mean to be an ordinary human being when every other known iteration of yourself in every other contacted reality has some kind of scale-breaking super powers?!


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