Tales of Westampart (Extended Blurb)

ToW is a story that I actually wrote for a while.  The structural gimmick I was experimenting with was an exploration of interconnected narratives — each ‘arc’ was about three to five chapters, and when one arc ended the next would start from the point of view of someone who had been present at the end of the previous arc.  The result was pretty interesting, I thought.  Characters that were never met by others still had an astonishing amount of impact on said others, by influencing those who were present in future arcs.  It wasn’t a format that I think would convert to a book easily, but it was fun to watch all of the individual story lines grow as the arcs started to loop back around to recurring central characters, while still introducing  new plots whenever an interesting character came into someone’s scene.  This is a blurb of the primary character’s narrative I established in the first arc of those tales.  Let me know what you think.


Tales of Westampart (Or: Life on the Edge)

In a world so young the gods are still vying to outdo one another by creating new lands, creatures, and treasures, there are always new things to discover.

Danale Dwarventaught is a young human witch who specializes in sublimating her emotions into magic for crafting potions. Reviled in the older, central lands because of superstitions that taint the reputations of anyone who wields the powers of the gods without serving one directly, Danale has traveled to the frontier of the world: A place where brave and rough souls are less inclined to discriminate against any one or thing that can give them an edge in their struggles for survival, fortune, and glory.

When an unusual request culminates in a magical backfire, Danale’s quest for a place to fit in — and her very understanding of who she is — becomes a mad scramble of wonder, horror and mystery.

Will Danale be able to make a life and home for herself while coping with an unexpected curse, handicapped magic, and emotions she never really realized she had?

Perhaps… But Danale will have to somehow deal with rival witches, nobles both kind and conniving, murderers, cultists, thieves, monsters, nymphs, gremlins, elves, ghouls, incubi, unexpected tragedies, her own family’s machinations come to haunt her, an entire guild of Heroes, the meaning of love… and direct involvement in the intrigues of the very Gods themselves, first.


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