System Break (Blurb)

So, I read a lot of RPG lit — I find it an entertaining combination of my love of games, my love of reading, and my lack of enough time to do both. And naturally, that meant I eventually came up with an idea for a story of my own in that genre. Let me know how this premise sounds to you. 😉

System Break (An RPGLit Fantasy)

Hanalore was an ordinary girl. She was raised by her dad and step-mom. She grew up with a sister, two brothers, and a family dog. She’d had a couple of boyfriends — but the only one she was serious with broke up with her before going to college. Despite that, she’d gotten over her heartbreak and was actually looking forward to starting her own college experience, now. She was, basically, for a given understanding of the term: normal.

Which explains why she was ripped out of her reality when a summoning spell — meant to conjure a champion capable of breaking the stalemated war between the sides of good and evil — was disrupted by someone who didn’t want the stalemate broken and the war rekindled.

Fortuna Cindersoar was an [NPC] — a negligibly powered champion — because she had been pressured into a build that did not suit her by her [PC] — powerful champion — of a mother. Despite having an incredible number of [Experience Points] and more levels than anyone else in the last stronghold of light, Fortuna’s failure to to unlock a magic enhancing [Attribute] has left all of her spells no more powerful than when she first learned them.

For all her life, Fortuna has only wanted two things: a chance to redo the combat build she was pressured into following by her mother — maybe as a dedicated crafter, or some other [NPC] profession that would actually be useful — and for the next five hundred years or so to not be defined by a resurgence in the endless cycle of battles and respawns.

Sacraficing all of her levels and [Experience Points] in the ritual to summon a new champion of Light was exactly what Fortuna needed to start out on that first goal — and asking the [System] to make that champion be someone normal instead of yet another scale-breaking, over powered [PC] with [Stats] designed for a different [System]’s world was supposed to take care of the second –but then everything went wrong.

Now trapped in a world that somehow operates on the principles of those Role Playing Games her little brother loves — games that have apparently been combined and mashed up by importing champions from other [System]s, Hanalore’s existence is going to be anything but normal for the foreseeable future — and Fortuna is going to have no choice but to make a new combat build in order to take responsibility for and provide protection to the normal person that her character reset summoned.

But this time, Fortuna’s build needs to work. She needs to be powerful enough to break through the lines of the Forces of Evil, delve the deepest [Dungeons], gather the rarest [Artifacts], complete the hardest [Quests], wield the strongest [Spells], break the current [System] — and find a way to send Hanalore home. Because Hanalore is a ‘normal’ girl. She doesn’t have a character sheet. She doesn’t get [Experience Points] or [Skills] or [Abilities]. She can’t level up.

And if she dies, Hanalore probably isn’t going to respawn, either….


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  1. Lightdefender

    You might have actually come up with a concept there that I’d find worth reading. (I’ve read very little RPGlit and what I have is not to my tastes.)

    • Eren Reverie

      Woot, haha! I thought this might appeal to people by bith having the system/gamer tropes via one character and constantly subverting them with the other.

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