…are supposed to be short, like this one:


The worst day in Elaine’s life culminated in her death.  When it happened it was at the end of so many bad things that dying was just par for the course: almost *expected.*  What she didn’t expect?  That the cause of her untimely death would be a desperate necromancer in another world summoning her soul out of her current body by animating the entombed corpse left behind at the end of one of her previous lives….

But somehow I ended up writing a bunch of much longer ones.  (In fact, the above is a shortened rewrite.  The actual blurb I wrote for that is about three or four times as long.)  I guess I really started to get into the flow of it, even if they were just teaser overviews.

Anyway, I think I’ll see about typing up a few of them and posting them when I get home.  See if any of them catch anyone’s interest.

Take care, everyone.


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  1. Lightdefender

    I’d love to see the original version of the one you posted here.

    • Eren Reverie

      I’ll see about getting it typed up and posted sometime today. 🙂 I finished a couple of other overview/prelude/blurbs, as well. So hopefully I’ll do the same with them over the weekend — yesterday was all doctor’s appointments and therapy, so I didn’t get much on a creative level done, sadly.

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