On consistency…

…basically, I’m trying to build some.  Part of that is this post: trying to be more consistent in communicating with people.  Part of it is in other things.

I spent a bit of downtime yesterday reviewing the life style and livelihood I actually want.  I’ve sometimes thought that I should treat m writing like a business — but, frankly, I’ve yet to encounter a business that I’ve consistently liked.  While putting profit at the forefront is great for making profits, my distaste is always aroused when profits come ahead of people — and that’s pretty much always the case in this country.  (I may be becoming more and more of a democratic socialist as time progresses.  I’m pretty firmly of the belief that “corporate profits” are code for “workers aren’t being paid enough.”)  So I thought: wouldn’t it be nice if I could just start a not-for-profit that was dedicated to providing literature and maybe some games/comics to people for free?  Fund raising only sufficient to maintain the creators’ livleihood, and any excess going to other socially responsible causes?

Sadly, if I were the founder of said nonprofit I would be barred from being one of said creators that receives recompense for contributing materials, so that was pretty much out as far as a way of getting away from the corporate rat race to do what I love.  The personal business route is what i’m stuck with: I just find most business practices rather appalling (though I’ll admit: the way I prefer to do things really doesn’t maximize profitability!)

Well, anyway:  Long story short (too late, I know) I pretty much concluded that I’d have to carry on as I have been — free content supported by donations and convenience purchases like compiled eBooks.  I’ll just have to be more consistent with producing content, and buckle down on putting together and executing a methodology for turning that content into eBooks (and maybe get more serious about some other projects I’ve contemplated — I’d love to see MNML audiobooks on podiobooks and in audible stores!  And I’ve also given a fair amount of consideration to offering some writing and web-publishing courses on udemy.  With as many books as I have finished, it seems disingenuous for me to keep telling myself ‘well, you’re not really qualified to tell people how to do this’ even if I have had some bad slumps).

Anyway, after reaffirming that I don’t want to change how I ‘do business’ with my creative endeavours (other than wanting to write more, and more consistently, dammit!) I went down the list I have of novel and series ideas that I’ve been back burner-ing while focusing on MNML.  I figure that while I’m kind of on a writing hiatus, this is the appropriate time to be fleshing those out with character notes and putting together outlines — and maybe even writing some sample chapters, if I don’t think they’d be too triggering to try my hand at.

And maybe getting into the groove of writing again would help me break through this barrier I’ve got on writing MNML right now?  Frankly, most of the time my recent traumatic experiences aren’t weighing on my mind.  I even sometimes think that I could write Abby’s pov without dredging those up — if I could get past the current momentum of being afraid to try.

:/  I really don’t want to ruin the characters by letting my emotional response to things I’ve gone through bleed into their emotional response to things I’m having them go through.  And I do worry that I’d miss the mark with Abby’s thrill/fear of being helpless at the hands of a masculine partner she trusts because of my heightened anxieties about being helpless at the hands of a masculine person who betrayed my trust.  (The arrest didn’t help, either.  Again: mostly masculine people who are supposedly there to ‘protect and serve’ and should have been trustworthy rendered myself and others helpless, dehumanized us, intimidated us, detained us and denied us basic humane treatment such as medical care.  I’ve always been irrationally anxious about authority figures, but I can’t find it in myself to trust the police as individuals anymore.  And I’d already given up on trusting them as an organization, due to all the racism and corrupt failure to prosecute those who’ve abused or murdered unarmed and restrained individuals.)

Hrm.  That seems to have gotten off track a bit.

Anyway!  The point is, I’ve got a lot of ideas for books that I haven’t been writing in the past few years because of the focus on MNML.  So I thought I’d share some broad strokes (basically just the genres — I want to have a proper intro blurb before I start post anything hype-worthy) of the ones I think are the most interesting.  If anyone has prefered genres and wants a genre added to the list or is particularly interested in reading one of my stories in a genre that is listed, let me know in the comments!

So, in no particular order (but still numbered for easy reference):

  1. I’ve got a superhero novel conceptualized through the first major arc.
  2. I’ve got what I think is a pretty fun and fairly original take on RPG lit.
  3. I’ve had a reincarnation/summoning book idea that, again, I think has a pretty unique twist to it.
  4. I have a few ideas that are pretty traditional romances.  Honestly, I’m not as thrilled with them as I once was.  I’ve invested in too many weird and out-there and wild plotlines since then!
  5. I have some more urban-fantasy/romance ideas.  Some set in the same world as MNML (ranging from a series about the werepups, with them as the central characters, to stories from the PoV of the witchy sorority or others on that college campus, to back and future stories with Cassie as the central character — as well as some that aren’t spinoffs of the current setting and characters, but take place in different cities or towns and involve different people entirely.)
  6. I have even more urban-fantasy/romance ideas that are based in their own independent worlds and magic systems.
  7. I have a *ton* of fantasy and science fiction stories (mostly science-fantasy space opera or high fantasy/adventure fantasy) from RPGs I’ve run.
  8. I have some ideas for non-rpg-based fantasies: One in which all of the main characters are less than three inches high (faeries, brownies, and goblins oh my!), several set in a world I came up with that is so new the gods are literally still adding new lands to it, and one that is a robin-hood retelling (except Mr. Locksley is a citizen in the new world, John is the king’s reagent taxing the colonists “to pay for the king’s war” while lining his own pockets, and the new-world itself is a mix of the wild west and a fantasy land of elves and orcs.  Think of it as a mash up of Robin Hood, the Revolutionary war, high fantasy and westerns.)
  9. I’ve got a fun idea for a psi-punk series set in a world where the renaissance is just kicking into an industrial revolution driven by telekinetically powered individuals (although many other psychics exist — everyone has *some* kind of a mental ability, to some extent) operating mechanical constructs, instead of steam and coal.
  10. And I’ve got a fantasy-steampunk-horror percolating away, where the protagonist is an experiment who has escaped from a scientist seeking to transcend death and his psychotic son.  (Think Frankenstein’s Monster + Dr. Frankenstein himself + Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde + Jack the Ripper + Van Helsing, Vampires, Werewolves, and the *scary* sort of Elves in a Victorian England-esque world where humans wield their steampunk-science in direct and open war against the forces of the supernatural and *everyone* knows it isn’t safe to be outside of a house or circle of salt and iron when darkness falls…)

Anyway, those are the ones that sprang to mind when I spent a few minutes listing the ideas I could remember offhand yesterday. 1 and 2 are the most recent ones.  1 is admittedly very heavily influenced by the current political situation in the United States of America, while 2 is more of a mix of humor with the occasional darker undertones. 5 I’m leery of — I think that I shouldn’t write the ones involving current characters until MNML is at a point where I don’t have to worry about new series introducing spoilers.  (But I really want to write a high-school life/urban fantasy series about the werepups adapting to their new circumstances while trying to maintain their regular lives.)  The second one in 8 (the world so new the gods are literally still making it), 9, and 10 are older ideas that I still get pretty excited about when I think about writing them, though.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy just from spending time with all my story ideas and out of recent events for a while.  I’m thinking that I’ll post blurbs of them as public posts on Patreon, and maybe first chapters if I write some — then any additional chapters would go behind the donation wall until/unless one starts getting more focus or approaches completion.  At which point I’ll queue it up for the public site, because I want my stories to be freely available.  (But giving advance reading opportunities to donors seems like a good way to thank them for their financial support.)

And I guess that’s all for now.  Next time I have a break I’ll probably start on some of those formal blurbs and outlines. 😉  Being enthusiastic about what I’m doing because it’s fun (as opposed to it being a moral necessary brought on by horrifyingly endemic corruption, abuse and violence) is reeeeeally nice.

Take care, everyone!


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