Hi. I just thought…

…I should check in with people.  This month has seriously derailed from my plans.  Jae broke up with Arr.  It took a while, but he’s finally out of the apartment, too.  The stress of everything that was going on screwed with my sleep and, for a while, my health — I came home from work twice with stomach pains and missed two days of work between them.  Still, it is done now.

The other unexpected event is that we’re moving.  Just to another apartment in the same complex, but it’ll mean going to a downstairs floor.  Since I’ve had issues with stairs due to the tumor screwing with my hormones, that’ll be a big help for me.  And for Jae, who has her own health issues that have made the stairs increasingly difficult over the past few years.

We were pretty fortunate that the apartment community had a place opening up that matched our old one, but with a better placement.  And that it happened just in time for our old lease to run out, and that they agreed to let us rent the new place without having to give up our prior rental rate.

On the other hand: Packing.  Boxes.  My life has involved a lot of packing, boxes, and playing Starbound for escapism and stress recovery.  I do have part of the next chapter (maybe 1/4) written, but my attempt at getting a daily writing time going again totally fell apart.  And I’m not even all that vexed about it, because a lot of stuff ‘fell apart’ recently.

I’m going to put together another big push for a regular writing time slot after we finish moving to the new place.  That’ll be the soonest I can think of that my schedule should open up a bit, which is going to be early August.  Until then, I’ll do what I can when I can.  (I feel like that’s become my motto ever since POTUS 45 was elected: Do what you can, when you can.)

Oh, and right as everything with Arr was going on I started talking to an agent about MNML and Et Alia.  They represent a sort of independent publisher — basically, they know more about self publishing than I do and are willing to put a book through it in exchange for a portion of the revenue.

I’ll have to make time to look over a contract after they’ve taken time to look over the submitted manuscripts, but if it works out (and fingers crossed it will) that’d be cool: I haven’t had the time to convert some of the books to ebooks, and their agency will not only take over ebook publishing and marketing, but they’ll also get the books set up with a print on demand service and an audio book.  I’ve wanted a MNML audio book for years — I’ve just been too self conscious of my own voice to do the recording myself.  (And lacked the time to do the recording, and to get proficient with the software, and etc etc etc.)

On a somewhat related note, Jae has almost finished reading through the entire series doing spelling and grammar edits.  o.O  She was right at the start of book 6, last we’d talked.  So if anyone ever wanders through the archives again: here’s a shout out to her for any quality improvements you find.

Um.  I think that’s everything I’ve got going on right now.  I hope everyone who reads has been well.  And here’s to keeping positive (when that’s possible) and just generally doing what you can when you can.

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  1. fionag11

    “Do what you can, when you can” is a great motto. I hope you’re getting settled into your new pad and things are working out. Sounds like some positive developments in the works 🙂

    • Eren Reverie

      I’ve got about a chapter and a half written — not typed yet, though. We’re still in the packing process and that’s taking up what evening time I’m not spending decompressing. Unfortunately, the publishing group isn’t working out. :/ No fault anyuwhere, really, they just overestimated their ability to finance themselves operating off of just a percentage of royalties. (Which is a shame, but they were a start up. And it would’ve been awesome had it succeeded.) Mostly these days I’m just trying to keep up with the news, keep prioductive at work, and contribute *something* when I get home. After we move I’m going to try to push (again) to get a regular update schedule going again. With my medication back to it’s original dose and the stress if Arr moving out over with, I’m actually feeling better than I have in a long time. The move is just taking up a lot of my “free” time. (One month now until the move in date.)

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