Holy crap! (Not bad stuff this time.)

I know I’ve had crappy, depressed posts in here for a while.  Well, last night one of my friends took me out.  To a burlesque show.  And it was amazing!  Like: “stripping for nerds” is both an accurate description and utterly falls short of describing it.  It was extremely lgbt positive, sex positive, and just: holy crap!

It was really cool.  We were of past midnight and we still weren’t there late enough for the last set.  There were a bunch of aerial acts, which I wouldn’t have believed if I’d just heard someone describe.  Wow.

Anyway.  It was a good show and a fun evening out, and I really needed that.


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  1. fionag11

    Great! Maybe Fumiko, Emma, and Megan will take Abby out to an aerial burlesque show for nerds once all this saving the city stuff is over 😉

  2. Finora

    But did they offer delicious snacks with marmite ?

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