Vague grumbles…

…are all I want to post.  But vaguebooking sucks, and I need to vent too much to just not say anything.

One of my roomates threw an ego fit a few days ago.  Unfoortunately for him, everyone was to emotionally exhausted to coddle him.  Now, I get it: he’s been through a lot of crap, he’s been taken advantage of, etc.  But the instigating incident was him picking at semantics, and we are now in evening three of his snit-fit bullshit.

I mean: it’s below freezing and he won’t accept a ride.  He’s insisted on biking to an event, and probably won’t accept one home.  My wife — <em>his girlfriend</em> — has been freaking out with worry that he’s going to get hurt, which he doesn’t seem to care about anywhere near as much as continuing to prove how hurt he is that “we were mean to him,” I guess?

I’m too tired to maintain any kind of anger.  To an extent, I can’t even make myself care — except there’s no recovering.  Every little bit of energy I do scrounge up gets sucked away as soon as I interact with him or anyone who’s also been caught in the shit storm.

I am so fucking tired, and this is the third night that there’s been so much emotional shrappnel flying around that I havent been able to get anything done.  Hell: yesterday I (and I am a teetotaler) had a mug of rum-and-cider at the social justice organization event I went to.  (Although, that worked out: I was too tipsy to give a shit about embarassing myself, so I actually talked and contributed.  A lot. On stage, even, when the small groups were sharing to the whole crowd.)

That’s all for now.  Thanks for listening.  Keep safe, happy and well, everybody.


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