Another rough day.

This morning, Jae’s maternal grandmother died.  She has lost all of her grandparents now, and both of her grandmothers this year.

This has not been a good year.

It was an expected loss, though of course the exact time that it would come was as much a surprise as anything.  Jae’s grandmother had been fighting a long battle with Parkinson’s, and had gone into hospice about a week ago.  Expecting it doesn’t make the loss any less of a shock, though, but at least there is some comfort in the thought that she may be reunited now with her husband — and at the very least, she isn’t suffering any longer.

Beyond that, last night our cat was rushed to the vet after going off of food and water on the weekend.  She appears to have some sort of infection.  Possibly a tooth, possibly her kidney; possibly both.  She has some antibiotics now and they appear to have perked her up enough that today she is eating again.  We’ll be taking her in for more diagnostics tomorrow.

I also had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  There wasn’t much exchange of information — it appears that the standard treatment for the tumor I have is the medication that leaves me exhausted 24/7.  I do have the name of a specialist I can try to talk to in order to see if there are any other viable options, but it seems likely that I will simply have to learn how to cope with the tiredness.

I would write more, but at this point I am exhausted for reasons not pertaining to medication at all: it has been an emotional few days, and I am drained.  Thank you for listening, though, and I hope that anyone who reads this is not having rough times, themselves.



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