I hurt.  Somehow I messed up my back (as if I don’t have enough problems!) on Sunday.  I’ve spent the past two days bed-bound.  I feel reasonably okay now until I start moving.  Then it sort of feels like my spine is compressing at the base until the vertebrae are forced out of alignment and knock my hip joints askew or something.

It sucks.

I don’t have enough Tim off to take another day, especially since I have to take off most of next week for a memorial service.

I really, really want a week with no devastating news, medical emergencies, deaths in the family, traveling or other emergencies.  :/

Sorry for bitching: I’m just in pain and intensely frustrated right now.  Thanks for listening; be well.



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  1. PaulPaulJones

    FWIW, you have my best wishes, and a prayer from me to the God I believe in for your happiness and well-being. If you ever happen to need an imperfect ear (or shoulder, or computer geek), please don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

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