I have a new medication for dealing with the tumor.  Its supposed to work by suppressing the hotrmone that causes the tumor to grow.  I’ll be going in for blood work to see if its working in six weeks; if it does then that’ll be another medication I’m on for the rest of my life.  But it’s less risky than surgery, and I have good insurance through the day job.

Right now I’m adjusting to how it affects me.  Drowsiness seems to be the biggest side effect, but I was also rather dizzy last night.  Still, I remain hopeful that I’ll adjust and the side effects will abate once the drug isn’t such a shock to my system.  We’ll see.

On the other front: all of us are home.  Between that and knowing what’s going on with my head and how to treat it, I’m actually hugely relieved in comparison to last week.  I’m also going to go pass out again now.

Happy fourth of July to those who celebrate it (and to those who don’t.  Even if it isn’t a national holiday food you, there’s no reason not to have a happy day if you can, every day that you can!  And if you can’t, I hope things get better for you.  Trust me: I k ow what that’s like, and you have my deepest sympathies and sincere well wishes.)

Take care, everyone.

— Eren


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