Today’s awkward Transgender Moment

So, I’m at work.  I’m the only one in the office, and have been all day.  It’s the weekend, so I’m not wearing my usual ‘uniform’ of baggy, male-gendered office shirt and slacks.  I’m washing my hands in the restroom when, suddenly, a guy whom I’ve never seen before — probably the only guy working today for whatever office he’s working in; possibly  the only other guy in the building — bursts in.  I glance his way because the noise surprised me.

And he freezes.  Stock still, mid-step: one foot still in the air and only halfway through the door.  He goes wide-eyed and abruptly looks slightly panicked and/or seriously mortified.  He backpedals just enough to double check the sign next to the door in the hallway and freezes again, staring at it.  Only now: he’s frozen in confusion.

“Yeah, you’re okay,” I say — not really sure if I should explain more than that.

“Oh, thank you,” he says like I’m actually giving him permission to come in or forgiveness for barging in or something.  Then he comes in and starts washing out a mug at the sink.  I dry my hands and make a hasty exit.

And I’m still not sure what to make of it, but I have a suspicion that just wearing my ‘uniform’ during the work week isn’t going to cut it for all that much longer.

Today, in the life of Eren... ,

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