Just another post…

…or not.  😉 Actually, this is a surprise love letter to my wife, whom I know sometimes reads this journal.

Dearest, I love you.  You make me more sure of myself.  You accepted me for who I am when I did not even accept it myself.  You remind me to help others when I am inclined to be self absorbed.  You are a wonderful, beautiful person.  And even if I tried to ignore all the selfish reasons I can list for loving you, I could never imagine a world where I didn’t, or where I loved you less.   You amaze me, every day.  Every time I see you, and in every memory I have of you, you are always the most beautiful I have seen you; the most beautiful I have ever remembered you. 


I love you.  And I just thought I’d slip this note in here for you to find someday because…

…well: Because I love you.

Always yours,


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  1. <3 I love you, too. And now I'm just going to go hug you.

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