It’s the weekend…

…and goodness gracious am I ready for it!

Of course, I’m still putting in some time at work, but I’ll have the afternoons free, and I’m really looking forward to that.  Some friends asked my wife and I to join them for Pride, so that should be a lot of fun: and a place where I can go out without having to worry so much about what people will think, heh.

I got today’s Midnight Moonlight chapter up — late, but earlier than I expected.  The story has gotten to the point where there’s enough momentum that I’m occasionally surprised where it goes while I’m writing, myself.  That’s always a fun point to be at, so I’m looking forward to meeting some more writing in, too.

I need to work on building that buffer back up.

I got the wedding travel plans sorted, too, so that’s good.  We’re going to crunch it down by leaving after work and coming home right after the reception — I expect it will be exhausting, but I’ll have more time for work.  ~_-

Of course, the best thing of all for today is the Supreme Court’s decision to federally recognize marriage equality!  I think my wife summed it up best, so I’m Linking her post here.


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