A little too much worrying…

…and it’ll give you weird dreams.

Last night’s was a two parter, which makes sense since I woke up once, but doesn’t make so much sence because both parts seem to have occured after that.

Anyway, for one part I was at my grandma’s (not the grandma in law from last week).  I was going somewhere from there with an uncle that I never really got to know, but when we got to the end of the drive there was a shopping center with a tour bus in front of it, and the tour bus was on fire and blocking the drive.  Also, for some reason, there was a short drop off between my grandma’s yard and the street (which was actually more like my grandma’s yard on my mom’s side — but the yard in question was for the one on my dad’s.)  So, people were still trying to escape the bus by crawling out of the windows and things because it was the engine that was on fire and that had spread to the point that people couldn’t get to the front side door, and the back was too crammed with people trying to escape and basically getting tangled up on themselves.  So my uncle and I had to help them out of the bus and up the hill, so they wouldn’t be so close to the fire.  Then someone said it was going to explode, because… I dunno.  Hollywood, I guess.  So we all had to run to get away from it, except the front yard just kept eternally stretching so we never got to the safety of grandma’s house — but we did get a couple of miles from thee bus before it went up like some sort of movie fuel-air bomb.  And that was that one.

The other one I could figure out a little bit better.  It was simple, and took place in my old room (a little corner one that was very yellow and had a sloped ceiling) at mom and dad’s house.  In that part, my younger sister was trying to make sure I was ready to go somewhere, but I wasn’t, because there was going to be a girl I liked where we were going to go and I wanted to look nice — but I couldn’t find anything to wear because everything in my wardrobe was intended for a boy.  ~_-  Which everyone thought I was, anyway, because I’ve never been to my mom and dad’s house since coming out as trans to my family.  So, anyway, then my mom shows up to find out what’s taking so long, and then everyone starts fighting and arguing and being snappish, and then we realize the it’s because there’s a faerie there trying to stir us up so it can eat our souls.  But we can’t find the little bastard, since it’s invisible, so eventually I just pretend I do and beat the crap out of thin air — which convinces mom and my sister that I got it, so they no longer believed it was around, which either banished the real one or made it uncomfortable enough that it had to leave.

And that was that one.  But of the two, it makes a lot more sense to me: trans issues, people being upset and snappish, a dose of Midnight Moonlight?  Sounds like a distillation of last week, to me.

And that was last night’s dreams.

Thanks for listening,


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