On the road again…

…and feeling pretty good about it.

The rest of yesterday went pretty well, once grandma decided we would stay the rest of the day.  I think we all needed a break from being stuffed in that car!

My mother in law and I took grndma on a short drive around the city in the afternoon, mostly just to look at tharchitecture.  Tempers seemed to mend since we all had a little separation other than that.  For dinner, we convinced grandma to try a local eatery instead of Denny’s, and I think she liked it despite not saying so at the time (she can be  a little very passive aggressive uand the restaurant was picked out by my wife — but then, grandma’s from a generation where that was pretty much the only socially acceptable way for women to ‘speak out’ (which is to say: not speaking about whatever problem they’re having).  Not my preferred method of communication, nor my wife’s!

So, anyway, grandma is still chewing on the fact that we don’t think she’s a safe driver — and my wife is getting the brunt of that since she had the guts to bring it up first.  But, I think it’s sinking in that we don’t think she’s helpless — we just want her to be safe!

I suspect the bag of desserts we brought back to the hotel may have helped with her mood some, too.

After we got back, everyone started loosening up and sharing silly stories from our childhoods.  There was a lot of laughing, and everyone joined in.  I think it ended up being the most fun day we’ve all had sfar this trip, migraine recovery periods aside.

Now we’ve got two more driving days, but they’ll be six hours instead of eight which will hopefully help.  I’ve gotten some clip on sunglasses, which should help keep me from getting another highway glare headache, and I have hopes that the roads won’t be too steep — we’ll be sticking to the interstate as much as possible, even though that adds a bit to the drive time.

For tomorrow’s chapter I still have a few edits to make, but otherwise I think it’s set.  I’ll be taking care of that probably when we stop for the night, so I’m extra glad of the shorter drive time today.  (Maybe I’ll get the exits done in the car, but that will depend on how steep the terrain is and whether or not someone else feels up to driving it a bit.)

Anyway, I should sign out and get the rest of my stuff packed.  Thesoonerr we’re off, the sooner we’re there!

Take care, everyone.

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