Migraines and motels…

…well, actually a hotel, I think.  I’d have to look up the difference.

To worsen matters, my wife has a migraine today.  Yesterday we passed a line of storms that were heading East, and since then the pressure has plummeted.  My wife gets two kinds of pressure migraines.  If the pressure has spiked up, she will be in intense and constant pain.  If it has plummeted, she will be in low grade pain, with the added bonus of becoming nauseous if she moves around — even just sitting up from lying down can lay her flat again.  Both kinds of migraines are accompanied by light sensitivity and severe exhaustion.  Because, let’s face it: constant pain of any sort is exhausting.

She’s asleep right now.  I’ve made the case that we should stay here a day, then continue on tomorrow.  It’s not a bad plan, I think: this hotel is nice, the room is the cheapest we’ve had yet, I could use some more rest and recovery after yesterday, and my wife is in no condition to be on the road today, especially since we will be hitting hilly country and altitude changes in the next leg of this trip.

Also?  Grandma told the people she’s be staying with that she’d be arriving on Wednesday.  We have two more six hour drives ahead of us.  If we left today, we’d be showing up a day early.  I don’t know how most people feel about receiving early guests, but I know I’m always doing last minute preparations the day before I expect someone.  So I’d feel awfully awkward and somewhat rude showing up that early.

I’ve offered to pay for the extra night.

Well, grandma is ‘thinking it over.’  We’ve at least arranged for the late checkout, but honestly?  If it comes down to it and she throws a fit because my wife I physically ill then I’m ready to just say: ‘okay.  Go on without us.’  My mother-in-law can handle two more six hour drives, I think, and I can afford another night here, a taxi to the airport, and two plane tickets home.

Would that be rude and unreasonable of me?  I don’t know: I’m an awful judge of that sort of thing because I come from a very long background of valuing myself at next to nothing compared to the people around me.  But I value my wife’s well-being immensely, and I do get a little aggressive (more than a little, but I try to curb that because she doesnt like for me to get like that) when I think someone’s mistreating her, taking advantage of her, or disregarding her.

Anyway, yeah.  This has not been a very fun time.  And honestly?  I would much rather be back home.  As it is, I’ve burned a lot of resources on being here for my wife. Specifically, for the flight home and the mountain driving.  She has severe anxiety, too, and those are two of her issues — we’re still trying to get her proper treatment for that, having just recently found a migraine med that keeps them from lasting for days.  But also: to provide a buffer between her and her family, who often seem to not get that her health and anxiety issues are real.  Her mother is being really good about that lately, but her grandma seems to think my wife is, like, personally out to ruin this trip for her.  Mostly because of the not letting her drive and flat out telling her why, I think.

So, anyway: I’ve burned my current PTO and most of the overtime I’ve earned, and that’s okay — I’m glad to have the time with my wife.  I’m just frustrated and a little disappointed over all the snappishness stemming from grandma’s bruised ego.


Well, that’s all for now.  Maybe I can get some more writing in this afternoon.

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