Grumbly Eren Grumbles

Hello, everyone.

Well, last weekend we went to visit my in-laws, which was actually pretty cool in some ways; kinda annoying in others.  The really spiffy thing is that I got to spend the weekend presenting as female; the kinda annoying thing is that I got misgendered a lot.


Well, such is life.

I’m not actually all that upset – I realize it will take people time to adjust.  Next time I visit I think I’m going to be a bit more pointed about pronouns, though… and I think I’m going to start asking people to refer to me by ‘Eren’ instead of my current legal name.  At least when I’m not at work.  (I’m still in the closet at my day job, despite being on HRT.  Sometimes it’s disheartening, but at the same time… I’m probably going to put off coming out at work for as long as possible, given how frequently I hear about employers mysteriously having issues with trans people after they come out.  You know, issues like random things that weren’t a big deal before, but now they are, and oh look: you’re fired.)

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got going on right now.  I’m working a lot of extra hours at the day job to make up time I used for travel this weekend (and again two weekends ago.  Blargh, I’ve been on extra hours for almost 4 weeks now).  I’m hoping that when I have more time available I can dig into why my post scheduling scripts are broken.  I’m guessing it has something to do with bad paths now that I’m on the new machine, but who knows?  Maybe it’ll be something silly like not having the right version of Python installed, or something.

Thanks for listening to my grumbles; anyone who’s reading this.

Be safe, happy and well.


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