Moving things around

Eren2_01Hi!  Eren here.

I’ve recently been in escapist mode, and that led me to spending a lot of time reading other people’s stories.  While I was at it, I saw some much cleaner site layouts than my own. So, I decided to do a little reorganizing of my site.

One of the things I decided to do is to pull all of my ‘personal’ journal entries off of the main site.  I’m going to dedicate that blog to my ‘professional’ entries – updates on the stories, writing progress, finances and things like that.  All of the extraneous stuff – rants, venting, things I’ve been distracted by; updates on my transition – will go here.

I’m going to reorganize the other sites a little, too.  Mostly in terms of the navigation menus; hopefully the new setup will be more intuitive and easy to find things in.

Also, big thing here, I’m going to go ahead and enable comments through Disqus.  I’m a little nervous about that since I know I can be a tad bit sensitive and the internets have a certain renown for trolls, but on the other sites I was reading on the commentators were all positive or helpful or both.  So here’s to me getting over my nerves a little and trying to connect with my readers!

Well, that’s all for now.  I should get back to doing those layout changes I mentioned. >.>

Take care, everyone.

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